The 2019 Trophy Race!

The final results are in! The Florida Hickory Golfers started something new in 2019 – a year-long competition to spotlight the best players among us. A new competition starts January 2020!

Stevens TrophyPointsHeritage TrophyPoints
Tom McCrary850Mike Stevens633
Mike Stevens835Bill Geisler483
Bill Geisler787James Chambers471
Will Peterson350Tom McCrary470
Rich Grula340Rich Grula340
James Chambers312Beth Chambers271
David Webster280Kirby Wilson269
Bernie Alessandrini260Natalie Wells238
Bryan Bruce258Earl Hines230
Marci Likens215Scott Bowles227
Steve Powell160Steve Haigler225
Wally Armstrong145Marci Likens217
Kirby Wilson140Bernie Alessandrini200
Dan Capaz140Bob Boss183
Mike Tracy112Rosemary Pabst172
Michael Castaldi110Mike Tracy125
James Lowe90Irene Dionne117
Jeremy Moe90Dan Capaz116
Jennifer Cully75Wally Armstrong115
Jim Drotos75David Webster105
Richard Bullock70Kim McDermott90
Scott Bowles47Paul McDermot90
Stephen Bennett45Steve Powell90
Robert Propper45Bryan Bruce88
Earl Hines45Jennifer Cully80
Beth Chambers40Stephen Bennett80
Jim Antos40Jim Drotos75
Roger Dionne35Bob Ziegler68
Natalie Wells33James Lowe60
Pat Sheffield32Robert Propper60
Bruce Del Guidice30Pat Sheffield40
Duke Trombetti15Jim Cocchi22
Jimmy Bottoms10Michael Castaldi20
Irene Dionne10Bob Martin15
Bob Boss5Richard Bullock 15
Steve Haigler 3

Stevens Trophy points are based on the cumulative number of points players make. The top ten scores at each event earn points from 100 for first place down to 10 for tenth place.

Heritage Trophy points are based on how a player’s scores compared to their quota differential (aka handicap) at each event. The top ten scores at each event earn points from 100 for first place down to 10 for tenth place.

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