NW Hickory Players Spotlight Their Favorite Hickory Clubs

RobertsonCleekTop-300x200If you’re the type who ooohs and ahhs over outstanding hickory clubs, you’ll want to visit the NW Hickory Players club site and check out their section entitled Our Favorite Clubs. Written by the ever-dapper Rob Birman, every entry is a wonderful and historical examination of particular clubs, including clean, crisp photos and supporting materials whenever possible. Also included is the personal angle – how Rob acquired the club, the cost, what he’s done to it since – which is what sets these reviews apart from the typical frothing from the mouth one normally reads from collectors.  Like most of us, Rob is a player and he’s generally making these clubs playable.  There’s a lot to learn here. An example is below.

“I found this wood cleek on-line from Bob Giorgiade in 2014 for $150 and went for it.  You’ll see that, upon receipt, I took to refinishing the head as the original stain was in somewhat poor condition and I bought this as a playclub, not a wall piece!  I’m excited by this club and think its design is genius.  I suspect it will take me a year to really get to know this instrument, but I’ve had it in my bag this year and am committed to continue the courtship.”


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