FHG Cards for Newbies!

previewIf you play hickory golf, I’m sure this has happened to you.  You’re on the range, warming up and some curious person wanders over and starts checking out your bag.  Eventually, the newbie asks, “Are those wooden clubs?” Thus, the conversation (or conversion) begins.

I’ve always found the most annoying part of that process to be the goodbyes, where I try to fill their head with website URLs.  Check out the Society of Hickory Golfers, which is hickorygolfers.com or Florida Hickory Golfers dot org.  Or go to Louisvillegolf.com!  It never feels right. That’s why I made these cards.

Since we have a cool logo courtesy of Cody’s era at the helm, I took that, designed a simple little business card and had 1,000 printed up.  I’ll get them to Mike so he can give them out to everybody who wants some.  My suggestion is that you keep a few in your hickory club bag and when that conversation on the range occurs, you can simply give the interested fellow a card and say, check us out online.  We have all the info here at our site and it can lead them wherever they need to go.

The cards are made, so look for them soon!

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