Auld Golf Says “Study, Share”

Chris McIntyre and his great Auld Golfer web site continues to offer terrific information for the hickory golf enthusiast.  And look at the cool bag tag Chris just sent me!

TagOne side show the Auld Golf logo, with the motto Estudio Cuota (which I think means “Study, Share”).  The other side notes I am Member #12!  I like this bag tag a lot.  Props to the man who can get his message out in a small package.

Also, I must note that Chris has a terrific list of Auld golf books, available as e-books, so you can just download them and read online.  You can find his library here.

I also noticed there are a lot of auld golf books at Google books.  I guess their copyrights have expired.  Anyway, it’s interesting to read a book about golf which talks about the kinds of clubs we use.  Let’s put it this way, the tips are much more relevant.  So check out the Auld Golf library and then head over to Google Books and look up old books there.  Anmd then share, because the motto is STUDY, SHARE!



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