Hickory Golf Lessons from PGA Pro Steve Elkington

I just found a website called Secrets In The Dirt, which appears to be a collection of golf videos and a social network run by PGA Pro Steve Elkington.  As part of their vast library of clips, Elkington and a guy known as Sevam1 (aka Mike Maves),  offer a pile of lessons regarding hickory golf techniques, particularly the golf theories of Henry Cotton and Harry Vardon.  It’s not a joke at all.  These are really interesting lessons, thoughts and tips, created using hickory clubs. Despite the traditional clothes, Elkington doesn’t seem like a hardcore hickory guy.  Rather, he’s an excellent player trying to uncover and share some classic techniques.  Good enough for me.

I’ve gathered up a bunch of these videos here, but if you’re interested, it’s worth your time to visit Secrets In the Dirt and look for more.


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