Paul Runyan Chats About Bobby Jones During His Masters Years

Although much is known about Bobby Jones’ life and career leading up to his retirement in 1930, his experiences as a player in 11 Masters tournaments has largely remained a mystery. Rarely competing after he officially stepped down, Jones played in almost every Masters from 1934 to 1948, his best finish a tie for 13th in the inaugural 1934 tournament. One man who played a great deal with Jones was Paul Runyan, a star of the 1930s and winner of the 1934 and 1938 PGA Championship.

Golf Digest has an excellent article about Bobby Jones during his years as a Masters-only competitor (his lawyer years?).  Runyan is an interesting guy and seems to remember every.  Read it here.

Paul Runyan (right) with Bobby Jones at the 1935 Masters


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