FHG Partners with Florida State Golf Association (FSGA)

Big News from our FHG Captain Mike Stevens today!

Mike wrote: “I am pleased to announce that the FHG has entered into a partnership with the Florida State Golf Association to promote Hickory Golf in the state. The FSGA will provide a portal on their website about hickory golf and the Florida Hickory Golfers. Also, next year we will jointly conduct a Florida State Hickory Open Championship. In addition, we are going to add a hickory division into some of their scheduled one-day tournaments. These tournaments are held at some of the best courses around the state. More details will be forthcoming. The FSGA is very excited about promoting hickory golf to their 300,000 members and the historical aspects of the game.

Everyone should check out their website at www.fsga.org.

It is a major accomplishment for a regional hickory group to establish a relationship with s state golf association. As a brief aside, a few months ago, some of the Orlando hickory golfers played in a WP9 game with a lovely guy named Kevin, who was playing modern sticks. He was very interested in our hickory clubs and on one hole, Bill Geisler asked, “Would you like to swing one?”

Many of you have probably asked that same question. Most amateurs jump right in a take a rip. We’ve also watched many professional golfers recoil in horror at the prospect of embarrassing themselves with a wooden club. But this Kevin guy grabbed it and as he stepped in, Bill gave the usual advice, “Swing it smooth and maybe a little more shallow than normal.” First swing, Kevin pipes a beautiful high draw about 250 down the middle of the fairway.

Kevin Hammer, FSGA

Bill and I looked at each other and mumbled “OK, he’s fine. He’s got it.” Then we invited him to the Winter Park Hickory Classic. Unfortunately, Kevin Hammer did not attend the Winter Park Hickory Classic because (partially) he was voted President of the FSGA. He got busy and now look at what’s happening! The FSGA and FHG and getting together! Coincidence or conspiracy? Whichever, it’s good to make friends on the course.

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