Cleveland Heights 5/17/20

It was hot on the golf course but so was the golf as the Florida Hickory Golfers took to the links at Cleveland Heights GC in Lakeland last Sunday. Bill Geisler accumulated 32 points nipping David Webster by 2. Bob Martin led the way in quota requirement with a whopping plus 13 followed closely by newcomer Mike West at plus 11.

Handicap adjustments are coming.

Martin and Robert Propper took the two-person blind draw with plus 20. Mike Stevens maintained his lead in the Stevens Trophy Race to Mount Dora while David Webster has moved into the top spot for the Heritage Trophy.

Next event is the National Hickory Championship multi-site competition at Temple Terrace on June 11 & 12. Complete details to follow.

Cleveland Heights Total Points Cleveland Heights +/- 
Bill Geisler32Bob Martin13
David Webster30Mike West11
Mike West29David Webster9
Bob Martin26Bill Geisler7
Mike Stevens26Steve Haigler7
Robert Propper26Scott Bowles7
Tom McCrary25Robert Propper6
James Chambers25James Chambers6
Bernie Alessandrini22Earl Hines5
Earl Hines21Dan Winters5
Steve Haigler20Mike Tracy3
Scott Bowles20Tom McCrary2
Keith Wightman20Jim Drotos2
Mike Tracy19Natalie Wells2
Rich Grula18Rich Grula1
Dan Winters17Rosemary Pabst1
Jim Drotos16Bernie Alessandrini0
Mike Hobson16Stephen Bennett0
Stephen Bennett15Pat Sheffield0
Natalie Wells15Mike Stevens-1
Marci Likens13Mike Hobson-2
Pat Sheffield13Marci Likens-3
Kirby Wilson6Eric Rodts-3
Beth Chambers5Beth Chambers-7
Richard Wilson5Richard Wilson-7
Rosemary Pabst4Kirby Wilson-9
Eric Rodts4Keith Wightman-10
Shawn PiersonWDShawn PiersonWD

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