Florida Hickory Golfers – RSULTS – Southport Springs 

The Florida Hickory Golfers visited Southport Springs Golf Club in Zephyrhills for the second annual Kick off the New Year event. A big thanks to our host and FHG member Earl Hines for the hospitality and the generous food and drink post round. It was a bit of a dreary day to start reminiscent of a Scottish misty morn without the rain but for many the balls flew far and sure. Will Peterson, the Tiger Woods of Florida Hickory amassed an amazing 42 points followed by your FHG Director Mike Stevens a distant 12 back with 30. Kirby Wilson scorched the links finishing plus 14 to his quota with some truly amazing golf. On the team side Stephen Bennett and Peter Herrington tied with Kendall Capaz and newcomer Pat Dunigan adding $20 each to their wallets. A shout out to guest Stephanie Tucker, a young pro visiting from Canada and playing her first round with hickories accumulating 27 points. All in all, it was a great start to another year of play along the hickory trail. 

Sunday, January 1, 2023 – Second Annual Kick Off the New Year Event 

Southport Springs Southport Springs Plus/ 
Points Minus 
Will Peterson 42 Kirby Wilson 14 
Mike Stevens 30 Frank Mitchell 10 
Bernie Alessandrini 28 Pat Dunigan 10 
Frank Mitchell 28 Bernie Alessandrini 
Stephanie Tucker 27 Stephen Bennett 
Kirby Wilson 24 Will Peterson 
Quy Nguyen 23 Natalie Wells 
Stephen Bennett 23 Quy Nguyen 
Mike Tracy 20 Beth Chambers 
Natalie Wells 20 Mike Stevens 
Bob Martin 19 Peter Herrington 
Dave Dunigan 19 Dave Dunigan 
Rich Grula 19 Kendall Capaz 
Beth Chambers 17 Steve Haigler 
Dirk Wonnell 16 Bob Martin 
James Chambers 16 Jim Drotos 
Marty Martin 16 Marty Martin 
Pat Dunigan 16 Mike Tracy 
Steve Haigler 16 Debs Herrington -1 
Tom McCrary 16 Rich Grula -1 
Dan Capaz 14 Stephanie Tucker -1 
Earl Hines 14 Dan Capaz -3 
Jim Drotos 14 Earl Hines -3 
Peter Herrington 11 Tom McCrary -3 
Kendall Capaz Dirk Wonnell -4 
Scott Bowles James Chambers -5 
Debs Herrington Scott Bowles -6 

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