2015 Mid Pines Hickory Open Awesome As Always


The always awesome Mid Pines Hickory Open happened last weekend.  The weather was erratic, to say the least (when it was supposed to be sunny, it rained, when it was supposed to rain, it was sunny).  Oh well.   We still got in 36 holes, plus a practice round.  And the course is incredible.  The picture above is the view coming down 18.  It’s really filling in nicely since their big renovation a couple of years ago.  Mid Pines is a great event and if you haven’t attended it, trust me, this is one of the most friendly and fun national hickory events on the planet. To top it off, there’s a great trade show / cocktail party on Saturday night.  Nothing better.

Wondering how you would end up in the standings?  Take a look at the results below.

2015 Mid Pines Open Results Net

2015 Mid Pines Open Results Gross

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