Florida Hickory Golfers @ Pinecrest Golf Club, Avon Park (2017)

FHG PinecreastA nice cloud cover kept the temperature down but the golf was hot as three eagles were recorded and not the flying kind. Two by Will Peterson who won the day with a splendid 73 and one by new FHG golfer Duke Trombetti of Boca Raton.

New comer David Webster from Orlando (or thereabouts) teamed up with Sarasota’s Steve Collins to take the team title with a +4-quota differential. Another newcomer, Jeremy Moe who recently located to Boca from Arkansas took second gross with 77.

Our traveling troubadours continue to grow a little bit at a time as we are one of the most active hickory groups in the US.

  • Will Peterson 73
  • Jeremy Moe 77
  • Duke Trombetti 78
  • Tom McCrary 80
  • Mike Stevens 82
  • Bill Geisler 86
  • David Webster 86
  • Bernie Alessandrini 88
  • Rich Grula 89
  • Jim Drotos 93
  • Melvin Blair 94
  • Marci Likens 95
  • Steve Haigler 95
  • Kirby Wilson 96
  • Steve Collins 97
  • Shawn Pierson 102
  • Gary Cole 103
  • Rosemary Pabst 108

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