Golfworld Explores the Hickory Grail Tournament

Golfworld has just published an interesting article about the Hickory Grail tournament entitled “In Hickory Golf They Trust.”  Nice piece, good photos.  It certainly captures the mood of playing hickory in Scotland with all the usual quotes about the why we play with wooden clubs.

For those of you who’ve never heard of the “Grail,” it’s a kind of private US vs. Europe Team Match play (and not to be confused with the International Hickory Cup, which is co-sponsored by the SOHG).  Several years ago, when excitable me asked about the Grail I was gently told by someone in the know, “Yes, there is a Grail and No, you can’t play it.”  Hmmmm.  The US Grail team is an exclusive club and invitation only.  I believe the Euro players are members of the Royal & Ancient and the British Golf Collectors Society.

The Society of Hickory Golfers used to be similarly exclusive, but then they opened up membership.  I might the last person who went the old route — got two SOHG members to recommend me and wrote an essay (!) on why I should be allowed to join.  Now, you only need to sign up and send in your dues (which I encourage).  Democracy in action.

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