Bill Geisler Drop A Hole-In-One

It is not a common event in modern golf and it is probably even more rare in hickory golf,  but earlier today, your friend and mine, Bill Geisler, drop a hole-in-one at the Winter Park Golf Course.

It was the 8th hole, 147 yards, with the pin positioned middle back.  The green slopes hard right to left with a ridge along the back edge.  Bill thinned a shot to the right edge of the green side rough, which is above the green.  The ball carried to the back, fell left and caught the green, kept rolling, then caught the back edge, dropping toward the front of the green.  The pin and hole got in the way and the ball vanished.  We watched it all from the tee box.

Reportedly, this is Bill’s third hole-in-one and first with hickory clubs.  He used a McIntyre Mesh ball and struck it with a George Nicoll Indicator iron (#6 Mashie).  The hole-in-one helped him secure a -1 round over the nine hole course.  Bill bought a round of drinks at lunch. Witnessed by Rich Grula, Jake Grula & Natalie Wells, who earned the free drinks.


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