FHG @ Arcadia Golf Club – April 2018

The FHG has played 16 of the 52 courses on the Florida Historic Golf Trail so far and we notched another yesterday at Arcadia Municipal. It was a very fun course and a great example of how golf was played when it opened in 1923 – a little rough on the fairways, but a fun, fast routing and greens that move, if when furry. The staff was most accommodating and special thanks to Manager Ann Applegate and host Pro Jeff Gibson for their enthusiastic greeting. They were excited to have us there and hope we come again. To that a definite yes! Bryan “The” Bruce won the day with a fine 76.


Arcadia GC Score
Bryan Bruce


Mike Stevens


Marci Likens


Rich Grula


Kirby Wilson


Stephen Bennett


Steve Haigler


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