Cancer Hits an FHG Player

I know most of you have heard this news, but I wanted to post it here for anyone who hasn’t…

Will Peterson, a top young player in the Florida Hickory Group who placed second at 2018 Mid Pines Hickory Open and traveled to Italy to compete in the 2018 Freedman Cup, is facing a massive medical challenge. In February 2019, Will entered the hospital for what he thought was going to be an appendectomy.  When the doctors opened him up, they discovered his appendix had ruptured due to colon cancer spreading through his abdomen. 

That operation started what a long journey for Will in battling Stage 2/3 colon cancer.  After that operation, it was weeks of fighting infections, losing weight and other setbacks.  Finally, Will got hooked up with Tampa’s world-renowned Moffitt Cancer Center and treatments began in earnest.  These will include six months of chemo, radiation and and at least one more surgery to remove residual tumor still inside of Will.   

Just to make things a bit more challenging, Will was laid off from his job shortly after his diagnosis, which means he must now foot the bill for an expensive COBRA health care policy to keep the insurance that pays for most of his medical costs. Even with that, there are bills on top of bills for co-pays and deductibles, living expenses and more.

Fighting cancer isn’t cheap.

Rich Grula, a friend and fellow player from the Florida Hickory Group, has started a GoFundMe campaign for Will to help with the costs of his insurance, co-pays for cancer treatment and incidental living expenses. These funds are needed now and in the future, so the GoFundMe page will stay up and running for as long as it takes. All funds are going directly to Will.

Anything you can contribute will be greatly appreciated.  The campaign has already raised more than $6,500 of the $10,000 goal.  We hope that by spreading the word throughout the SOHG and regional hickory websites, more hickory golfers will step up and help a fellow player facing the biggest challenge of his life.

Will can beat this – especially if we all help.  Please visit the GoFundMe page linked below and contribute whatever you can.  Thanks much in advance for your generosity.

Will Peterson vs. Colon Cancer –

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