Sherman Hills Gets Some Hickory

Natalie and Marci got the memo on matching outfits!

Our hardy group of Florida Hickory Golfers ventured out to the rolling terrain of Sherman Hills. Amid a hot and breezy day Tom McCrary scored 32 points to take gross honors by one over Bill Geisler.

In the quota differential Tom, Rich Grula and Paul McDermott tied at plus 6 proving that heat is no barrier to good golf.

On the team side, Beth Chambers and McDermott topped the field at plus 8 and grabbing a $50 first prize. Great to see Will Peterson back in action and welcome to newcomers Mark Lewis, Michael Castaldi and Jim Collins.

In the season’s race to Mount Dora, Tom McCrary and James Chambers maintain their leads in the Stevens and Heritage Trophy competition, but the competition is heating up along with the temperatures.

Sherman Hills
Results +/- To Handicap
Tom McCrary6Jim Drotos1
Rich Grula6Mark Lewis1
Paul McDermott6Bob Martin1
Bill Geisler2Steve Haigler1
Mike Stevens2Rosemary Pabst1
James Chambers2Richard Bullock-2
Dan Capaz2Michael Castaldi-4
Kirby Wilson2Scott Bowles-4
Natalie Wells2Will Peterson-8
Beth Chambers2Bryan Bruce-8
Bob Boss2Stephen Bennett-8
Jim Collins1Marci Likens-9

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