Diamond Hill Results

It was a bright and sunny day at Diamond Hill GC with lots of wind gusts playing havoc with errant shots. The course was in fine shape and turned out to be a worthy addition to the FHG rotation.

Tom McCrary accumulated 29 points and continues to lead in the Stevens Trophy race. Earl Hines and James Chambers were plus 4 each carrying the day in the Heritage division. James regained the lead Heritage Trophy race.

Welcome to new FHG golfer Pat Sheffield who held his own with a plus 1 effort. Good to see Will Peterson back out along with his parents Mary and Bill (see below). Also, Scott Bowles is back in action after rotator surgery. 

FGH member Stephen Bennett is conducting Kiwanis Hickory Classic at Dunedin GC on November 17, 2019. Information can be found at kiwanishickoryclassic.com.

Diamond Hill QuotaDiamond Hill Plus/Minus
Tom McCrary29James Chambers4
Bill Geisler26Earl Hines4
Will Peterson25Stephen Bennett3
Mike Stevens24Kirby Wilson2
Rich Grula18Mike Stevens1
James Chambers18Rich Grula1
Mike Tracy18Steve Haigler1
Kirby Wilson16Rosemary Pabst1
Earl Hines16Mary Peterson1
Pat Sheffield15Pat Sheffield1
Jim Drotos15Tom McCrary0
Dave Dunigan14Mike Tracy0
Stephen Bennett12Jim Drotos-1
Beth Chambers12Beth Chambers-1
Natalie Wells11Natalie Wells-1
Scott Bowles11Dave Dunigan-2
Bill Peterson9Scott Bowles-3
Steve Haigler8Will Peterson-7
Mary Peterson5Bill Geisler-10
Rosemary Pabst2Bill Peterson-13

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