Huntington Hills GC (Lakeland) – Results

Sunday, Nov. 10, 2019

The cool weather finally descended on Central Florida in what turned out to be a brilliant day in the hills of Lakeland. Mike Stevens racked up 29 points to lead the gross competition while Kirby Wilson was plus 7 in the quota differential. FHG welcomed newcomer Robert Propper to the group who held his own with 24 points and plus one differential.

H Hills Plus/Minus Total Points
Kirby Wilson7Mike Stevens29
Steve Powell3Bill Geisler27
Dan Capaz2Steve Powell27
Mike Stevens2Bernie Alessandrini24
Bernie Alessandrini2Robert Propper24
Robert Propper1Tom McCrary24
Stephen Bennett1Kirby Wilson20
Mike Tracy0David Webster19
Bill Geisler-2Mike Tracy17
Pat Sheffield-2Richard Bullock17
Jim Collins-2Stephen Bennett16
Richard Bullock-2Rich Grula15
Scott Bowles-3Dan Capaz15
Jim Drotos-3Jim Collins13
David Webster-3Jim Drotos12
Marci Likens-3Pat Sheffield12
Tom McCrary-4Marci Likens10
Rosemary Pabst-4Bob Martin10
Bob Martin-4Scott Bowles9
Natalie Wells-6Steve Haigler7
Rich Grula-6Natalie Wells6
Steve Haigler-7Rosemary Pabst1

Next up is the season end championship at Mount Dora on December 13 & 14. Watch for more details!

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