Around The World of Golf With Scratch TV

The internet is such a weird and wonderful place.  You never know what’s going to land on your screen next.  Today, I was introduced to Scratch TV and their web-series “Adventures In Golf.”  In the show, “documentary filmmaker Erik Anders Lang takes viewers on a tour around the globe searching for the craziest, most intriguing stories in golf.”

It’s wonderful, fun stuff and really well-shot (yeah, I’m a film geek).  One of my fave episodes is Golf Outta Compton, which takes viewers on a tour of a par three course in one of L.A.’s most notorious neighborhoods:

In this episode, Erik visits Compton to play a par 3 course in LA’s backyard. The adventure includes a trip to the thrift store, on course beer delivery powered by a Chevy Impala, and lost bets.

Spend a few computers minutes with these episodes.  You’ll be glad you did.

BTW – Scratch TV does a lot of web videos based around golf.  The show mentioned above it just one of them.

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