Mike Just of Louisville Golf, Plays Through (1949 – 2016)

Word is coming in from a variety of sources that Mike Just, president of Louisville Golf, has passed on after a long battle with cancer.


Mike’s passion, advice and friendship was a major reason why our little hobby of hickory golf grew and took hold in the past decade. From the tremendous clubs he crafted at Louisville Golf, to the countless repairs, rescues and renovations of favorite clubs he performed over the years, Mike gave many of us the tools to explore and enjoy golf in a whole new (old?) way.  He – as much as anyone – converted many golfers to the hickory world.

Various tributes are being posted online.  I suggest checking out the SOHG story, as well as a tribute posted at the Northwest Hickory Players Club.

I was lucky to play many rounds with Mike over the past decade. I always tried to give his clubs credit when I played well, but Mike would have none of it, insisting (lying?) to anyone that asked that I was a solid player.  He was a good friend to myself and many others and he will be missed.

(L to R) Rich Grula, Rob Birman, Mike Just and Josh Fischer at the Southern Hickory 4-Ball Championship at Highland Park Golf Course, Birmingham, AL on April 20, 2012 . Photo by Frederick Breedon

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