Sara Bay Results – July 11

The Florida Hickory Golfers teed it up at one of our favorite spots at Sara Bay CC in Sarasota. This was the site of the first 36 holes of the famous match between Walter Hagen and Bobby Jones in 1926. The Donald Ross course is still plenty of challenge for hickory clubs and the greens are every bit as tough as Pinehurst #2.

Jacksonville’s Steve Powell accumulated 28 points to take top honors in the gross division while home grown product Gary Cole took net honors with plus 7. Nice to see Alice Brown back out and welcome to Florida State Golf Association’s Aaron Skoviera who played his first full round of hickory golf acquitting himself very well with 21 points.

Special thanks to Gary who arranged food for us upon completion of play.

Our next event will be at Lone Palm in Lakeland in conjunction with the Florida State Golf Association. Date is Thursday, August 27. This will be our first event with the organization. Let’s have a good FHG turnout. Details on how to enter will be forthcoming.

Sara Bay Total Points Sara Bay  +/- 
Steve Powell28Gary Cole7
David Webster25Bob Martin3
Aaron Skoviera21Kirby Wilson3
Mike Stevens21Steve Powell3
Bob Martin20Dave Dunigan1
Gary Cole20David Webster1
Tom McCrary20Jim Drotos1
Alice Brown19Rosemary Pabst1
Robert Propper19Scott Bowles0
Dave Dunigan18Alice Brown-1
James Chambers16Pat Sheffield-1
Jim Drotos15Shawn Pierson-1
Kirby Wilson15Robert Propper-3
Scott Bowles15Steve Haigler-3
Shawn Pierson14Tom McCrary-3
Pat Sheffield12Aaron Skoviera-4
Steve Haigler12James Chambers-5
Earl Hines9Bob Mora-6
Bob Mora5Mike Stevens-6
Rosemary Pabst4Earl Hines-12
Dan WintersDNFDan WintersDNF


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