Links of Sandpiper Results – Aug 16

In spite of a brief weather delay, the Florida Hickory Golfers enjoyed a nice outing at the Links of Sandpiper in Lakeland. Congrats to Earl Hines fresh off abdominal surgery registering a plus 11 and Bill Geisler accumulating 32 points to top the leader boards. We also welcomed new member Charles Johnson to hickory play as our group gets a bit bigger with each event. Hines also teamed with David Webster to win the blind draw with a plus 10 total.  

Sandpiper Total Pts  Sandpiper  +/-  
Bill Geisler 32 Earl Hines 11 
Will Peterson 30 Natalie Wells 
Bryan Bruce 28 Gary Cole 
Mike Stevens 26 Jim Drotos 
Earl Hines 24 Bill Geisler 
David Webster 23 Mary Peterson 
James Chambers 23 Rich Grula 
Robert Propper 22 Will Peterson 
Rich Grula 21 Bryan Bruce 
Natalie Wells 20 Pat Sheffield 
Jim Drotos 19 James Chambers 
Gary Cole 18 Mike Stevens 
Marci Likens 16 Robert Propper 
Shawn Pierson 15 Marci Likens 
Steve Haigler 15 Steve Haigler 
Pat Sheffield 15 Charles Johnson 
Mark Lewis 15 Shawn Pierson 
Dave Dunigan 13 Rosemary Pabst 
Kirby Wilson 11 Mark Lewis 
Charles Johnson 10 David Webster -1 
Mary Peterson Kirby Wilson -2 
Rosemary Pabst Dave Dunigan -4 

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