Funds Being Raised To Restore Bobby Jones’ Gravesite

Golfweek reports that funds are being raised to restore the final resting place of golf legend Bobby Jones.  His grave, in Atlanta’s Oakland Cemetery, is next to a cemetery perimeter wall almost directly across a busy street from the fabulous Ria’s Bluebird Cafe (trust me, if you visit Jones’ grave, eat at Ria’s Bluebird). According to the article, more than $6,000 of a $10,000 goal has been raised.

I must add a personal comment here – golf is generally a game played by wealthy folks. It’s amazing to me that one of them couldn’t step up and cover this with a single check. The idea that this has to be raised in dollars and dimes via Georgia Gives Day is somewhat embarrassing.

Perhaps there’s a hickory player out there who can solve this problem?  Or maybe a professional golfer with a decent sense of history (and a big sponsorship deal) wants to honor the man?  Hopefully this Golfweek article will raise awareness.

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